VAVA USB C Hub 8-in-1 Adapter with PD Power Delivery 1 Gbps Ethernet Port Grey

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Description VAVA - Smart Made Simple At VAVA, we bring meaningful innovation to modern lifestyles. Our household appliances and connected devices combine award-winning design with the most advanced technologies to improve the lives of millions of customers worldwide. Technical Specifications 3 x USB3.0 1 x Ethernet port 1 x 4K HDMI Port 1 x SD Card Reader 1 x TF Card Reader 1 x Type C PD Charging Port Compatible Devices: Apple MacBook (2015/ 2016/ 2017) Apple MacBook Pro (2015/ 2016/ 2017) Apple iMac/ iMac Pro (21.5 in & 27 in) Google ChromeBook Pixel (2016/ 2017) Dell, Asus, HP, Lenovo, and many other Type C laptops Note Compatibility: No driver needed and support all Type C devices but some exceptions may apply. Type C PD Charging: Charging power is dependent on your charging adapter, support 100W input (Suggest using PD charging adapter over 65W). Power is shared between all dock-connected USB-C devices and adjusted based on needs (Example: Macbook 65W adapter input= 5W for hub+5W for USB Ports+6W for Ethernet port+49W for Macbook) Q&A to learn VAVA and HooToo HUB 1) Is USB C HUB without PD the same with the hub with PD charging support? The USB C HUB with PD charging support powered by 100W adapter has higher input current to supply power to USB 3.0 port, HDMI port, Ethernet port and so on. However the USB C HUB without PD is powered by your laptop which means it can't get higher input current to supply power to your hub. And if you plug into the USB-A ports with high Watts device means other port like HDMI port, Ethernet port may work in low current or stop working. Therefore, we recommend you use the USB C HUB with PD charging support and do not plug out the PD adapter if possible. 2) What is the power input and power output? Most HooToo hubs or VAVA hubs are up 100W (if your adapter and C to C cable support 100W) which will be take about 15W for USB port, HDMI port, Ethernet port and 85W for your new macbook pro charging. The new macbook pro requires 85w to charge, in order to protect your laptop please use the USB C HUB with right wattages. Besides, the input power of our HooToo hubs or VAVA hubs are depends on your adapter and USB device device you plug in hub. 3) The problem about the mutual interference between USB 3.0 and 2.4GHz WiFi. As we all know the USB 3.0 is mutual interference 2.4GHz wifi device like wireless keyboard, wireless mouse and local wifi. Sometimes your laptop will lost network connections when you plug in usb device like USB flash drive, portable hard drive or your wireless mouse become unstable. What can VAVA and HooToo have done to solve this problem is make our hub in compliance with EMC certification which ensures the correct operation, in the same electromagnetic environment, of different equipment items which use or respond to electromagnetic phenomena, and the avoidance of any interference effects while some wireless mouse or USB device not good at anti-interference and will interfere our hub. 4) Can I use USB 3.0 to charge my phone? USB 3.0 is a a new SuperSpeed+ transfer mode which is deffer from quick charge 3.0. What’s in the Box: 1 x VAVA Portable Hub (Model: VA-UC006 & 1 x User Guide) 1 x User Guide